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  1. This new methodology will increase operational availability and decrease life cycle costs while enhancing support of the MAGTF mission.
  2. The Marine Corps expeditionary logistics enterprise is seeing sweeping changes with the implementation of conditions based maintenance plus. This new methodology will increase operational availability and decrease life-cycle costs while enhancing support of the MAGTF mission.
    Marine Minute: Condition-Based Maintenance
  3. Weapons Training Battalion Quantico, VA has created a new course of fire for the Marine Corps annual rifle qualification. The course is still in testing phases and will continue to be tested throughout FY2020. To learn how to help test the new course, contact your local weapons training battalion.
    Annual Rifle Qualification Three Day Course of Fire
  4. I'm Corporal Nathan Hall with your Marine Minute. The Comm community is doing something pretty cool this week. Marines with 2nd battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment carry out high- frequency long distance communications training in Okinawa, Japan. This training helps 1st and 3rd Marine Division maintain a low electromagnetic signature that is resistant to interception, jamming, and interference, which allows for distributed operations without detection in the operating environment. U.S Marine Corps Sergeant, Assistant Radio Chief, Chase Schmidt had this to say about the training. “Out here doing a long shot from Okinawa, Camp Schwab to Camp Pendleton, California. Just high frequency training shooting long distances seeing if we can talk back and forward between us. It’s important to communicate with 1 st marine division because we have to communicate with our allies even if they’re not next to us. If were talking tactically to them then we’re going to fight better.” That's it for your Marine Minute, for more news around the Corps go to Marines.mil
  5. In this episode Lance Cpl. Fernando Moreno tells us about High Frequency Comms training in Okinawa.
    Marine Minute: Can you hear me now?